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Donate now to support the work of PitCare, Inc.

Empowering families, rebuilding community, and promoting economic stability through active community engagement!


Our Story!

PitCare, Inc. grew out of a vision that two couples had for becoming good neighbors in the economically challenged town of Pitcairn, PA. By moving into Pitcairn in 2010, this vision became a reality. Pitcare, Inc. was formed and attained its 501c3 Non-Profit status in June of 2014. By March of 2015, PitCare, Inc. hired its first Executive Director, who also took up residence in Pitcairn.

From the onset PitCare, Inc. has focused its resources on empowering families, building community, and promoting economic stability to the town in Pitcairn, PA

To carry out its mission, PitCare:

  • Purchased and renovated two commercial buildings, two 3-bedroom apartments, and two single-family homes.
  • Operates the local Pitcairn Food Pantry at its Broadway Street Location. Providing food for 120 families annually.
  • Collaborates with the “St. Paul’s Meals on Wheels" Program by providing space to prepare 21,000 meals per year for 51 residents in Pitcairn and Trafford, PA
  • Provides affordable housing to three Pitcairn families,
  • Hosts weekly Girls Clubs providing homemade dinners and mentoring activities to approximately 35 elementary through high school age girls,
  • Manages a program refurbishing and giving away on average 30-35 bicycles yearly and offers maintenance workshops for the youth.
  • Sponsors and coaches a Pitcairn team for “Kids of Steel”, an award-winning, free youth physical activity, and nutrition program designed to instill lifelong, healthy habits in over 30 children annually.
  • Organizes Baking, Cooking, and Nutrition Classes for 15 residents
  • Operates a Summer Reading Program for over 80 children ages 3 through 5th grade over the summer months.

Each of the above programs has grown from modest beginnings to reaching a greater number of children and families in the community!